At Gary Staple Fine Woodworking we believe that a craftsperson has an important responsibility. Throw-away culture is ever present in our society. Through careful and thoughtful design, combined with an exceptional standard of craftsmanship, we can create something with an inherent sustainable nature. Combining traditional techniques, modern equipment and process design principles we create furniture that will be enjoyed for generations. 

The Story

Ever since Gary began as a carpenter in his twenties, he knew that he had found his calling. He learned his trade through apprenticeship and practical experience, working under several well-seasoned craftsmen and carpenters. In 2012 he started True East Carpentry contracting company in partnership with a friend. After eight years he decided pursue his passion for fine wood-working, moving to Scotland to attend the globally renowned Chippendale International School of Furniture. There he honed his skills and flourished as a craftsman and designer. He graduated in 2014, receiving the honour of student of the year.

He now works out of his shop in Seaforth, in rural Nova Scotia where he continues to design and build furniture and bespoke commissions. In the future, he hopes that this beautiful landscape and tailor-made shop can host workshops and learning opportunities for woodworkers and craftspeople alike.



Gary Staple, Owner and Operator.